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Competition for the best ÚTIA Publication and Application

The Director of the ÚTIA, in cooperation with the ÚTIA Board, announces a regular annual competition for the best ÚTIA staff publication and application. The aim of the competition is to encourage and reward the production of high quality scientific work by the Institute's staff.

Rules of the Competition

  1. The competition is open to any scientific or professional work that has been published in print or electronic form in the current or immediately preceding year, is publicly available and at least one of the authors has listed the Institute as his/her affiliation in the publication. In addition, any application (device, software work, etc.) implemented in the current or immediately preceding year may be submitted.
  2. Only one of the authors employed with ÚTIA submits a work to the competition. In doing so, he or she also undertakes to give a presentation on the work at a seminar organised by ÚTIA, if requested to do so. A work that was already entered in the previous year cannot be entered into the competition.
  3. The competition is divided into two categories - (i) theoretical publication and (ii) application publication or application. Each entry may compete in only one of these categories.
  4. The application form for the competition is to be completed online at The form includes the competition category, the young author option (see section 6) and a full bibliographic citation of the work. Only works registered in the ÚTIA library may be submitted. The ARLID identifier, which can be traced via the link provided in the form, is filled in the entry form, and the bibliographic data is automatically completed based on that identifier. If the work is not available at the library website, the complete work in pdf format must be attached to the form. For applications, documentation describing the application and evaluating its benefits, and possibly a demo or a working sample, is submitted. For application publications, a short description of the application and an evaluation of the paper's contribution should be included in a sub note. In exceptional cases (e.g., for books or applications containing hardware), the requirement for an electronic pdf version may be waived at the request of the author. If this is the case, a printed version or sample should be delivered to the Director's Secretariat. Submissions via the online form can be made from 1 September to 30 September each year.
  5. The evaluation of the competition is carried out by a committee appointed by the Institute Board. The activities of the committee are managed by a designated member of the Board. The committee will submit the proposals for the awards of 1-5 works to the Director of the Institute by 31 October of the current year. The awarded authors receive a diploma and a financial reward the amount of which is decided by the Director.
  6. The Director may award a special prize for young authors up to 35 years of age upon the proposal of the committee. This prize may be awarded to an author regardless of the actual position of his/her work in the competition.
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