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Kristýna Ivanková

  1. Ivanková Kristýna, Krištoufek Ladislav, Vošvrda MiloslavEvaluating the Efficient Market Hypothesis by means of isoquantile surfaces and the Hurst exponent , Mathematical Methods in Economics 2011, p. 300-305, Mathematical Methods in Economics 2011, (Jánska Dolina, SK, 06.09.2011-09.09.2011) [2011] Download
  2. Ivanková KristýnaApplication of isobars to stock market indices , Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Economics 2010, p. 296-301 , Eds: Houda M., Friebelová J., Mathematical Methods in Economics, (Ceske Budejovice, CZ, 08.09.2010-10.09.2010) [2010] Download
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