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Siavash Fakhimi Derakhshan

  1. Fakhimi Derakhshan Siavash, Shamsabad Farahani S. S.LMI-based Congestion Control Algorithms for a Delayed Network , International Journal of Industrial Electronics, Control and Optimization (IECO) vol.2, 2 (2019), p. 91-98 [2019] Download Download DOI: 10.22111/ieco.2018.24948.1038

  1. Guy Tatiana Valentine, Fakhimi Derakhshan Siavash, Štěch JakubLazy Fully Probabilistic Design: Application Potential , Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies, p. 281-291 , Eds: Belardinelli F., European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS) 2017 /15./, (Évry, FR, 20171214) [2018] Download DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-01713-2_20
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