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4th Workshop on Variational Analysis and Optimization


Workshop on Variational Analysis and Optimization is an annual workshop organized by members of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It is an informal meeting of people interested in various topics of optimization theory. It combines a mathematical program in the afternoon/evening with a free program in the morning/early afternoon, when one can enjoy the beautiful scenery, go hiking, skiing or just discuss mathematics. Because of its location on the Czech-German border, it is suited mainly for Czech and German researchers.

Useful information

  • Date: Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th February 2017 (the scientific programme will take place on Friday and Saturday afternoon and given higher number of participants possibly also on Sunday morning).
  • Registration deadline: 10th January 2017. To register - contact the organizer Lukáš Adam. Please specify how long you want to stay, the title of your talk and its preferred length.
  • Location: The workshop takes place at Máriánská in the Czech republic. It is close to Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) or Chemnitz (see map below).
  • Presentation: Each participant is invited to give a presentation in duration of 30-60 minutes.
  • Fee: The workshop (including accommodation) is free of charge.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in a mountain cottage with shared kitchen and toilet facilities. Internet is provided via Eduroam. Even though the accommodation is good, please note that it is not a hotel.
  • Other information: Please bring your own slippers and something to eat for breakfast. We plan to have joint dinners.


  • Gerd Wachsmuth: A guided tour of polyhedric sets
  • Patrick Mehlitz: Variational geometry of pointwise defined sets in Lebesgue spaces - with application to complementarity programming in Lebesgue spaces
  • Felix Harder: Limiting normal cone in Sobolev spaces
  • Alexandra Schwartz: Convergence of a relaxation method for a complementarity reformulation of cardinality constrained optimization problems
  • Michal Červinka
  • Petr Lachout: On uniformly monotone functions
  • Jirka Vomlel: Solving trajectory optimization problems by influence diagrams
  • Mirek Pištěk: Is it clear, "Pay-as-clear"?
  • Martin Branda: A few words about distributionally robust scheduling - bad and (hopefully) good ways how to solve such problems
  • Lukáš Adam: Optimal control in engineering: Give me a solution. And be fast.
  • Marian Fabián
  • Radek Cibulka: Differential Generalized Equations
  • Tomáš Roubal: Differential Generalized Equations, Part II
  • Christian Meyer
  • Constantin Christof: How to Calculate the Subdifferential of the Solution Operator to a Nonsmooth PDE. A Model Problem and Applications in Optimal Control.
  • Tomáš Roubíček: Open mathematical problems in the continuum mechanics of solids
  • Robert Baier: Directional Subdifferentials and Quasidifferentials Applied to Mean-Value Theorems
  • Matúš Benko: New verifiable stationarity concepts for a class of mathematical programs with disjunctive constraints
  • Jiří Outrata

Past workshops

3rd Workshop on Variational Analysis and Optimization, Mariánská 2016

Speakers (18th - 21th February 2016)
  • L. Adam: A multi-material phase-field approach for the optimal design of a Ge-on-Si microlaser
  • M. Benko
  • M. Branda: Fixed interval scheduling problems with random delays
  • M. Červinka: Cournot-Walras-Nash equilibria and their computation
  • R. Cibulka: Iterative methods and metric regularity
  • M. Fabian
  • H. Gfrerer
  • J. Outrata
  • M. Pištěk: Nash Equilibrium in Pay-as-bid Electricity Market
  • T. Roubíček: Variational methods for steady-state Darcy/Fick flow in swelling-exhibitting or poro-elastic solids
  • M. Tam: Convergence rates of Hölder regular fixed point iterations
  • J. Vomlel: Influence diagrams for vehicle speed profile optimization
  • G. Wachsmuth: Optimization problems with complementarity constraints in absence of polyhedricity

2nd Workshop on Variational Analysis and Optimization, Mariánská 2015

  • L. Adam: Computation of limiting normal cone to union of convex polyhedra
  • M. Branda: Exact penalization in stochastic programming - applications, sufficient conditions and future steps
  • M. Červinka: Optimality conditions for optimization problems with cardinality constraints
  • R. Cibulka: Convergence theorems for iterative schemes based on (strong) metric (sub)regularity
  • M. Fabian: On primal regularity estimates for singlevalued mappings
  • J. Outrata: Combining complementarity with contact shape optimization with Coulomb friction
  • M. Pištěk: Limiting Normal Operator in Quasiconvex Analysis
  • T. Roubíček: Abstract thermodynamics on duals to unital Banach algebras
  • G. Wachsmuth: Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints in Banach Spaces

1st Workshop on Variational Analysis and Optimization, Mariánská 2014

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