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11th Workshop on Uncertainty Processing


June 6-9, 2018, Třeboň, Czech Republic

A series of Workshops on Uncertainty Processing (WUPES) has been held in the Czech Republic every third year since 1988. Proceedings from several previous workshops can be found on their websites ( WUPES'15, WUPES'12, WUPES'09, and WUPES'06).

Like the previous meetings the forthcoming Workshop will foster creative intellectual activities and the exchange of ideas in an informal atmosphere. Therefore we will keep the number of participants limited (~40).

The workshop is organized by Institute of Information Theory and Automation, The Czech Academy of Sciences. The chair of Program committee is František Matúš


The workshop will be held in the chateau Třeboň in South Bohemia. The spa, the Renaissance chateau with attached parks and the large artificial lake, Svět, create an attractive complex with unique diversity. Deep forests and a number of colorful artificial lakes add up to a beautiful landscape. The whole region is a protected area and a biosphere reserve of UNESCO. The landscape has been cultivated for centuries from the original swamps and peat bogs. The Třeboň area is also the traditional area for fish farming, mainly the famous Třeboň carps.

Call for papers

We invite submission of papers on (but not limited to) information science, operations research, management science, stochastic analysis, fuzzy analysis, mathematical programming, discrete optimization, constraint programming, planning, and related fields.

There will be a SPECIAL ISSUE of an respected international journal dedicated to WUPES'18. For this, all the selected papers will have to pass a regular reviewing process.

More information can be found on the coference website

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